The Brand

Compsol IOD Claims Solutions

CompSol, The Brand

The CompSol brand is synonymous with efficiency.

For medical services providers, the primary benefits are increased turnover, improved cash flow and process efficiency. For employers and HR professionals, it’s all about compliancy, efficiency as well as cash flow with refund claims being processed quickly.

In an environment characterised by frustration and long lead times to payment or finalisation of claims, CompSol is an alternative brand – an alternative to bureaucracy, an alternative to frustration and alternative to wasted time and reams of paper.

CompSol is a brand that believes in getting things done rather than just getting through the day, re-writing the book instead of simply improving a situation, and a brand that prefers WOW! to OUCH!

The eCOIDA software creates a highly efficient link between the employee, employer, medical service provider and the Compensation Fund. Proudly, CompSol can lay claim to leader brand status in South Africa’s IOD or injury on duty sector.