Compsol Know-alls

Compsol Know-alls
compsol know alls

Compsol Know-alls

Knowledge is power challenge

In CompSol’s line of business, knowledge is everything! Our staff must understand and know EVERYTHING there is to know (and more) about injury on duty claims, the process and documentation that goes with that.

An internal campaign was recently launched to sharpen everyone’s knowledge pencils. Part of the Knowledge is Power Challenge takes place on the CompSol Facebook Page and staff members must ask a question to the Supervisor Team, who must be able to provide the answer as soon as possible. “This will raise issues from the staff members which they pick up in their daily activities and dealings with their clients, and the Supervisor team gets a chance to address and answer these questions on a public platform,” says Operations Manager Beverley Bestbier.

“We have other internal campaign actions in the office as well, making the quest for more IOD knowledge a fun and teambuilding event.”

CompSol clients and their admin staff are most welcome to join the conversation and ask IOD questions – “like” the Compsol Facebook Page and post your question on the wall. The answer will be revealed shortly after – giving everyone more insight to the Compensation Fund processes.

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