Caring Is A 12 Month Commitment

Caring Is A 12 Month Commitment

Caring Is A 12 Month Commitment

The Compsol, Medsol and Relay EMS group Port Elizabeth-based businesses hosted a Christmas Party at the EP Children’s home in November. But caring for the community does not start and stop in December.

These companies have been involved with EP Children’s home since 2014 when they hosted a small Christmas party for 2 of the cottages. In 2015, staff “adopted” 50 of the children and provided each of the children with a birthday gift. Brand new microwaves and snackwich makers were also provided for some of the cottages.

Compsol’s commitment to community well-being dates back to 2001 when it placed 5% of its share capital into a Fund and paid over 5% of dividends to the Ministry Fund, a staff benefit fund. Voluntary monthly donations are also paid by directors and staff into the fund. The Ministry Fund assists staff and those identified as being in financial need. Amongst various other projects, food hampers are distributed each month to feed the needy. Food and toiletry hampers are also provided every month to the Louis Dubb Old Age Home.

While bringing Christmas cheer to the needy is always a good thing and much appreciated, Compsol will always endeavour to be there for identified causes throughout the year.

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