Employer Management of IOD Claims

IOD claim management facilitation via eCOIDA
  • Registration of new IOD’s on eCOIDA.
  • Online completion of required documents on eCOIDA.
  • Workflow indicating outstanding documents to be completed.
  • Helpdesk support.
  • Storage of and access to historical IOD data per employer.
  • Supplying information and statistics on both historic and current cases.
  • Submission of the IOD case to the Compensation Fund for registration, adjudiucation and processing.
Employer refunds and rebates
  • Assistance in completing required documents.
  • Ensure all documents are correct for submission.
  • Recovery of refunds payable by the Compensation Fund to the company (this includes old cases that the Compensation Fund still needs to pay out – irrespective of the date of injury).
  • CompSol will manage the process no matter how old the claim is.
  • Verify any refunds & rebates to the company from the Compensation Fund.
Annual assessment
  • Helpdesk support in the completion of the Return of Earnings forms.
  • Submission of the Return of Earnings forms.
Additional services
  • Obtaining Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund.
  • Obtaining letter of Reopening of claims.
  • Registration of new employer with Compensation Fund.
  • Application for change of ownership.
  • The use of our eCOIDA system is absolutely free.
  • We will charge a 20% administration fee to companies for all funds recovered from the Compensation Fund, paid into your bank account during the subsistence of our contract. We work strictly on a "no success, no fee" basis.
Training and assistance
  • CompSol provide telephonic training as and when required
  • Call Centre assistance to report an IOD
Access to doctor's that are willing to treat Company employees.
  • CompSol will provide Employers with access to service providers willing to treat IOD patients.
  • CompSol will also market our pre-funding product to service providers in areas where Compsol's company clients require close access to service providers
Increase employee efficiency
eCOIDA is a management tool that allows company employees to do their jobs more effectively (eCOIDA does not replace employees but merely improve their efficiency).
  • Register claims arising from an IOD or diagnosis of an occupational disease after the commencement date of this agreement, with CompSol either by telephone, fax or via the CompSol website.
  • Submit its duly completed Return of Earnings to CompSol annually.
  • Submit all documents and information to CompSol in the following manner: electronic format where available in such format, or where not available in electronic format, hard copies must be scanned and uploaded onto eCOIDA.
CompSol has been gearing itself towards managing IOD cases for both the employer and service provider while ensuring the COID Act is adhered to for almost 20 years now. We pride ourselves on providing spectacular customer service while adding real value in the process.