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  • CompSol was founded in 1999 by Fritz Luttich and Trevor Allnutt, providing medical service providers with prompt payment on IOD (injury on duty) claims.
  • Today, CompSol services over 1000 medical service providers and over 100 000 employers or businesses.
  • CompSol's track record of registering correct, compliant and accepted IOD claims - and getting them paid by the Compensation Fund - is over 98%.
  • eCoida is CompSol's latest innovation, effectively linking the employee, employer, medical service provider and the Compensation Fund.

View short audio visual, "How to fall off a ladder."



Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.