Direct correlation between a close relationship and cash flow

The Client Service Officer (CSO) plays a pivotal role in keeping CompSol clients happy.

“We have found that our CSO is an asset to the medical practice’s admin operations, the training and assistance provided helps the entire process to go much quicker and with less hassle,” says Operations Manager Beverley Bestbier. “Our CSOs are IOD experts in a wide range of disciplines. They provide training sessions and are the ‘go-to’ people when clients need IOD management support.”

Key duties of the CompSol CSO include:

A close relationship with the CSO results in faster payments and improved cash flow.

  • Assisting clients with their outstanding IOD queries. The CSO liaises with clients personally, ensuring that any outstanding queries are resolved promptly, meaning increased cash flow for the medical practices.
  • Building relationships. The CSO is always available to assist with enquiries.
  • Spending time on site, training and supporting clients’ new staff and helping new staff members.
  • Update clients on latest CompSol and industry news, including developments at the Compensation Fund.

“Our clients don’t always grasp the value of having our CSOs spend time training their admin staff members as well as their assistance in query resolution. Where clients do allow our CSOs to work closely with their admin staff, IOD queries are resolved far quicker which means a positive impact on their cash flows,” says Beverley. “The CSO forms part of our goal to provide continuous support and spectacular client service, and as such their services are provided at no extra cost to the client.”

A selection of success stories

Linda Rossouw

CSO Linda Rossouw:
“My client had a number of IOD enquiries on a specific patient. I contacted the medical service provider and spoke to his admin lady, sourcing the info needed to process the claims. After she’d sent it through, only one more phone call was made to get the last bit of info needed. It only took three enquiries before CompSol paid out over R136 000 to the practice.

Definition of a query?
A query is directed at the medical practice where CompSol is unable to accept accounts for processing due to missing information or documentation. CompSol assesses accounts in line with the rules and regulations of the Department of Labour’s Compensation Fund.

Christa Botha

CSO Christa Botha:
“In January we had a ‘query care’ project at one of our hospitals. We concentrated on both the
120 days outstanding accounts as well as the current query list.”

By working closely with the hospital’s admin team, we were able to reduce the listed queries from
R654 000 to R91 000 within a week.

Currently, there are only six accounts outstanding on the 120 days and older accounts.

This was only achieved through working closely with the admin staff at the hospital and CompSol’s account administrator."

Chandré du Toit

CSO Chandré du Toit:
“I have a very specific system I stick to when attending to client queries. When visiting a practice, I go through each query with the admin staff member to resolve it. If the doctor is accessible, we get him or her to sign the necessary documentation and then process everything on CompSol’s system as quickly as possible.

“I managed to reduce the queries for one of my clients to only R60 000 from more than R230 000 over a period of three weeks."

Marietjie Rosenblatt

CSO Marietjie Rosenblatt:
“I go through my client’s folders to identify ‘problem areas’ and then work with the admin staff member to get the required information or documentation to solve the query. This usually involves some follow-ups and reminders, but perseverance prevails - I managed to drop a GP client’s query list with R212 000 in a single month.”

Davida Hayward

CSO Davida Hayward:
“One of my clients had a query list of over R500 000. Through close co-operation with the practice manager and the admin staff, we managed to work the number down to only R92 000 in less than a month.”

Louise McKellar

CSO Louise McKellar:
“I recently worked on a query list for one of my clients with queries amounting to R77 000. Their admin lady and I managed to get all the documentation and signatures needed, resulting in the full amount being paid shortly after.”

Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.