A spontaneous decision to treat staff members on a hot summer's day unexpectedly evolved into another successful injury on duty claim submission, with happy faces all around.

When a hectic heat wave hit the Eastern Cape, CompSol CEO Fritz decided to buy each of his 400 staff members an ice cream.

Finding an ice cream vendor at such short notice (and in "ice cream friendly" weather) was not easy, and it took some phoning around. Luckily somebody knew somebody which led to Mr Marais* and his wife coming to the CompSol premises with their little ice cream truck," says Fritz.

Before long, staff members were standing in a row in front of the truck - all excited like little children - waiting for their three scoop ice cream cone.

Fritz was blown away by the response afterwards. "I was flooded by thank you emails. That ice cream was the highlight of their day - some even said it made their year!"

The best was yet to come.

After Mr Marais*served all the staff members and it was time to pack up, he asked as a matter of interest what type of business CompSol is in. Fritz's PA, Ingrid Coetzee, explained to them the injury on duty or workman's compensation administration part and how CompSol RELAY links the chain between employee, employer, medical services provider and the Compensation Fund.

"Mr Marais* was surprised to hear about this service, as he coincidentally lost his contract job a while back after an injury on duty, but was told he would have to wait four years for any reimbursement, if any," says Fritz. "Ingrid decided to ask one of our senior staff members to check Mr Marais's * details, and thanks to the efficient RELAY system we quickly confirmed that he qualified for payment from the Compensation Fund for R56 555.36!"

"I still get goose bumps if I just think how blessed this hot summer's day in Port Elizabeth has become," says Fritz. "What a privilege to see my staff members happy and smiling because of a small ice cream treat, as well as helping another individual, who had not even realised he had the option to successfully claim from the Compensation Fund."

* Not his real name

Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.