We all suffer the inadequacies of the Compensation Fund's new system. Medical Service Providers (those not with CompSol) have either not been paid or have ceased offering their services to IOD patients, thereby losing revenue.

But what about the patient?
Where does the patient stand (or fall) while this goes on without any sign of relief on the horizon? Well, unfortunately they fall.

There are thousands of employees who are suffering and some are having difficulty surviving.

Weekend Post spoke to Gerhardt Steyn of Aston Bay, who lost the use of his arm after the limb was pulled into a boiler belt at an industrial plant in Tsitsikamma. "All our attempts to claim from the Fund had been unsuccessful," his wife Louise told the newspaper. They lost their home and were forced to rely on their family's charity. CompSol did manage to get their claim processed, but then the Fund refused compensation payment of more than R40 000 because Gerhardt did not see a doctor in the required period. Ironically, Gerhardt could not go to the doctor because, having not received any compensation and being out of work, he couldn't afford the doctor!

Another sad incident Weekend Post reported on was how Kareedouw's Anika and Chris Vorster had Chris's compensation pay-out stopped for more than 10 years, despite numerous attempts to have it reinstated. They lost their business and home. Chris, the main breadwinner, suffered a head injury in 1978 after he was hit by a rigger hook, which caused him to have epileptic fits. He managed to successfully claim
R1 700 per month compensation, but then it suddenly stopped. Compsol did manage to resolve the issue on his behalf, but his claims for medication and treatment (totalling up to thousands of rands) were not paid, and he had to cover this out of his pension.

The newspaper also quoted CompSol CEO Fritz Lüttich who has daily encounters with people really suffering because they were seriously injured at work, but cannot access the compensation they are legally entitled to.

Fritz said that CompSol will continue to fight the battle, ensuring that they continue to service claims and payments.

Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.