a close shave

The CompSol team really embraced the recent CANSA Shavathon fundraising event - all in support of cancer awareness and research.

Staff members were invited to either have their hair sprayed in funky colours and patterns or go really big by shaving it all off.

One of the day's highlights was the raffle where the winner was allowed to shave CompSol CEO Fritz Lüttich's hair.

Staff members also had the opportunity to remember those loved ones they lost to cancer through wall posters and collages.

The total amount raised was R10 000 and was donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa.

"We are really blessed to work with such amazing people!" say the organisers, Shaun Nel and Petro McLeod. "God really blessed this event and we also give Him the praise for His favour on the day."

Some pics of the day:

Going big for charity:
Shaun Nel (left) and Shaune McGorman

Not an everyday event: The winner of the Shavathon raffle, Leon Marais, shaving CompSol CEO Fritz Lüttich's head as part of his prize.

Shave or spray? CompSol staff members do not shy away from a challenge.

Pretty in pink, hair all done! Another CompSol event completed with huge success.

Donating R10 000 to CANSA: From left are Petro McLeod (CompSol's Spiritual Adviser), Joan Duarte (CANSA's Community Mobiliser), Fritz Lüttich (CompSol CEO) and Shaun Nel (IT Systems & Network Administrator and Convenor).

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