Employer and employee receive payments

We are very excited about the launch of RELAY but also very aware of the difference that we can make to lives of people.

We'd like to share a story with you.

We recently received a phone call from a 43-year old man who had worked for a sawmilling company and sustained a disabling right arm injury. He had been sitting at home for over a year with no income.

After he heard the CompSol RELAY radio advertisement , he contacted us for more information and encouraged his employers to sign up with us, which they did.

The RELAY assessment process was implemented and within two months, the injured worker received more than R30 000 in arrear wages AND a 43% disability pension for life!

His employing company had been struggling with their IOD claims and did not understand the process very well. After Compsol's intervention, the company received a refund of more than R 80 000 for salary paid to this injured employee but remained unclaimed.

"The tears of appreciation in this man and his wife's eyes after we informed them of the refunds and pension confirmed to us the role that we play not only in the IOD sector but in the financial survival of injured workers." says Compsol CEO Fritz Lüttich.

It is a win-win situation all round. Both the employee and employer benefit, as does the Compensation Fund which enjoys increased service delivery.

Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.