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CompSol takes over the full administration, collection and payment processes of your IOD or injury on duty claim, keeping your cash flow healthy.

  • CompSol will prefund all IOD claims with a service date of up to 2 years
  • Approved claims are paid to you within 10 working days of the account being accepted by CompSol

Working with CompSol, you'll enjoy an immediate cash injection and sustained cash flow benefits for IOD cases which, due to the complexity of administration, has historically proven to be a challenging process.


Thanks to eCoida, the frustration involved with treating IOD (injury on duty) cases disappears. eCoida also has huge benefits for the medical services providers' employer clients and a process that links employee, employer, medical service provider and the Compensation Fund is fantastic for all concerned.

eCoida has 3 basic steps which makes life easier for medical services providers:

  • Reporting an IOD

    Your employer clients can now report an IOD on the CompSol website or by phoning the 24/7/365 CompSol call centre. This process takes about 3 minutes and ensures that the Employer's Report of the Accident is completed correctly. Within seconds, CompSol will alert the medical service provider by SMS and they'll also receive the Employer's Report of the Accident via email (often before the patient has arrived at the practise). Simple.

  • Medical report and account generation

    After treating the patient, the already partially completed First Medical Report will take less than a minute to finalise and generating the account is a mere click away. Another click will generate an electronic referral to a specialist if and when required. Easy.

  • Claim submission

    All information received by CompSol is automatically validated and synchronised prior
    to submission to the Compensation Fund. Done.

Apart from being as easy as 1-2-3 for both the medical service providers and their
referring employer clients, CompSol also offers the convenience of:

  • Secure, accurate, real-time information and document sharing between treating medical
    service providers
  • Account generation and pre-funding by CompSol within days
  • An automated IOD workflow system.

When it comes to cash flow and efficiency, CompSol speaks your language.

View short audio visual, "How to fall off a ladder."

Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.