Employer's Features

CompSol features offered to the employer:

Management of your annual assessment

  • Timeous submission of your return of earnings
  • Reviewing of your classification including applying for change in nature of business
  • Record keeping of your assessments
  • Managing your COID tariff

Support services

  • Letters of good standing for tender purposes
  • Registration of a new employer
  • Applications for rate reductions
  • Re-assessment of permanent disablement
  • Lodgement of objection
  • Application for re-opening of claims

Extended service offering

  • Training of your staff
  • Continuous feedback
  • Recovering of refunds from the Workmen's Compensation Commissioner
  • Record keeping of your claims and claims cost
Step 1 - Employer logs an injury on the CompSol system.Step 2 - Medical service providers are notified about the injured employee.Step 3 - Medical service provider logs all details on CompSol system and gets paid.